Scope of Works



General electrical works including all light fittings as per plan layout, GPO’s, exit and emergency lights, external lighting carried out in accordance with relevant Australia Standards. Incoming power supply shall be three phase with the provision of three phase power to the board only at the location indicated on the attached plan. The general electrical works shall consist of the following major items:

  • Provision of lighting levels:
  • 320 Lux energy efficient LED lighting to ground floor office and office Mezzanine floor above.
  • 200 lux energy efficient lighting to factory/warehouse.
  • LED down lights to canopy at entry doors only.
  • 415V 3 phase, supplied at 100 VA/m2 for office area and 20-25 VA/m2 for warehouse area.
  • All lots power supply to be 63 amps 415V 3 phase, other than lots 50-53 which have been designed to supply 350 amps,415V phase maximum.
  • Earthing in accordance with AS 3000.
  • Lighting and power sub-circuit wiring.
  • All luminaries including supply and installation.
  • General purpose outlets (10 amp single phase) (No 4).
  • Emergency and exit lighting.
  • Wiring to panel lift doors, and mechanical services.
  • Vandal proof lighting to exterior.
  • NBN connection to the property entry point
  • Provision for solar Voltaire panels on roof to supply electricity to office.

Mechanical Ventilation

Toilet areas shall be mechanically ventilated by ducted exhaust systems complying with AS1668.2.
Natural ventilation system for hot air extraction in factory via roof top ventilators and fresh air intake into office Mezzanine office floor.

Air Conditioning (to Office Mezzanine Office Floor)

The design of the system is based on the following energy efficient split system, air conditioning units:

  1. Ambient conditions will not exceed:
    Summer 35 degrees celsius Dry Bulb 21 degrees celsius Wet Bulb (Max)
    Winter 5 degrees celsius Dry Bulb 23 degrees Celsius Wet Bulb (Min)
  2. The system is designed to provide the following indoor conditions at
    the immediate location of the respective controlling sensor.
    Summer 24 degrees celsius Dry Bulb +/- 1.5 degrees Celsius Dry Bulb (at point of control)
    Winter 21 degrees celsius Dry Bulb+/- 1.5 degrees Celsius Dry Bulb (at point of control)
  3. The Office Mezzanine is designed for office use with outside air being
    introduced in accordance with AS1668.
  4. Ambient sound levels shall not be more than NR40 in office,
    NR45 in toilet/amenity areas.

Fire Protection

  • Fire Hose Reel to BCA requirements.
  • Fire extinguishers to BCA requirements.
  • The above requirements are subject to MFB and water authority approvals.


  • Reception desk.
  • Kitchen cooking equipment and dishwasher.